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Lawn Mowing

Weekly or Bi-weekly professional grass cutting, trimming, edging and blowing clippings off of walkways, patios and driveway to keep your property looking great. Regular lawn mowing helps to achieve a uniform and consistent look throughout the season. ~Starting at $50

Aeration and Seeding

Core aeration is beneficial for loosening compacted soil and allowing moisture, oxygen and nutrients to reach the grass roots. Doubled with seeding this will lead to a healthy and luscious lawn. ~Starting at $60


Properly nourish your lawn by applying fertilizer at the appropriate times during the season to achieve a rich green colour, prevent weeds, and properly nourish your lawn. ~Starting at $60

Mulch Install

Beautify your garden beds by adding natural wood mulch. Benefits include water retention to nourish plants, weed prevention, and an overall manicured look. ~Starting at $125

Garden Beds

Supply and install your favourite flowers and plants in a brand new or existing garden bed to enhance the look of your property. Pruning and shaping of small bushes and shrubbery. ~Request estimate for pricing, as prices vary by job.

Yard Clean Ups

It's important to keep your lawn and yard clear of all yard waste debris, such as leaves and sticks from the spring and fall. We offer a full clean up by raking and leaf blowing and complete removal from property. ~Starting at $100